The State of California takes weapons crimes very seriously, imposing strict penalties as a means of reducing gun-related violence. Penalties for a conviction can include a lengthy prison sentence and mountainous fines. Of course, the consequences extend far beyond incarceration. A criminal record can make it difficult to rent an apartment or even find a job.

At the Law Offices of Justin E. Sterling, we believe that no one is destined for a guilty verdict. There are many opportunities to fight gun charges, pick apart the prosecution’s case, and build your defense. A Los Angeles gun charge defense lawyer from our firm will work tirelessly to fight for the charges against you to be reduced or dropped altogether. If a plea deal is in your best interest, we’ll be honest with you and help you negotiate for the best possible outcome.

Contact us today for a free and confidential review of your case. Our law firm has represented clients facing gun crimes of all kinds, including illegal possession, illegal sale, transfer of large-capacity magazines, and others. Let us help you fight for your freedom and your future.

Effects of Gun Conviction

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Our firm has the extensive skills, longstanding relationships, and immense resources necessary to tackle even the toughest weapons cases.

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  • An intentionally limited practice, allowing for personalized legal representation and 24/7 access to your attorney
  • Outstanding working relationships and familiarity with prosecutors, district attorneys, and law enforcement agencies in the Southland criminal justice system

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