Case Results

$2.25 Million

Our firm represented numerous women who were sexually assaulted by a Deputy Sheriff while incarcerated at the Century Regional Detention Facility, in Los Angeles. Our firm filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against Los Angeles County and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, alleging multiple claims of sexual abuse under color of authority. Our litigation resulted in numerous reforms within both the male, female, and juvenile jails in Los Angeles.

$550,000 Settlement

$550,000 settlement for our juvenile client against the Los Angeles County Probation Department 

$850,000 Settlement

Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors approves $850,000 settlement for our client in a civil rights case against the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

$5.7 Million

Against Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department stemming from excessive force and ADA claims.

Third Strike – Mental Health Diversion

Our client Jonathan was accused of a third strike and facing 25 years to life if convicted. Prosecutors were adamantly pursuing the case as a 3rd strike and asking for life. Our firm conducted an extensive mental health workup and had multiple psychologists evaluate our client which enabled us to present a detailed and stringent treatment plan to the court. Upon filing our motion for mental health diversion, the judge granted our request over the prosecutor’s objection. Our client will have his case dismissed upon successful completion of mental health diversion.

Rape Charges – DISMISSED

Our client Adam was charged with rape by an intoxicant based on allegations made by the complaining witness shortly after a house party. Law enforcement referred and prosecutors filed rape charges based upon the initial incident report. Our firm conducted an extensive investigation, interviewed material witnesses, conducted cell phone and social media analysis, and convinced prosecutor’s that the complaining witness’s allegations were demonstrably false. Prosecutors agreed and determined that their case could not be proved beyond a reasonable doubt. All charges were dismissed prior to the preliminary hearing. Our client was facing 8 years in prison and lifetime sex offender registration if convicted.

$1.4 Million

Against Los Angeles County Probation Department and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for constitutional violations of law against minors in their care.

Case Dismissed

Felony Firearm and Drug Charges dropped after early intervention in the case

Felony Assault Charges

Not Guilty

$1 Million

Our firm represented a young woman who was sexually molested by a probation officer while she was detained at Camp Scudder, a Los Angeles County detention facility. Our federal civil rights lawsuit against the County prompted the District Attorney to file criminal charges against the probation deputy, resulting in jail time.