The law comes down harshly on any crime where violence is involved. As a society, we are taught to believe victims. But all too often, cases involving violent crimes are not cut and dry. Police and prosecutors rush to make an arrest and put a case together. They want to close the case, convict, and move on.

At the Law Offices of Justin E. Sterling, we often find that people charged with violent crimes are being treated unfairly. Victims and witnesses may be mistaken or lying. Law enforcement may cut corners on an investigation. And the charges may be too harsh for what actually happened.

If you’ve been arrested on a violent crime charge, know that there are many defenses available to you. Our Los Angeles violent crimes defense attorney has the experience to uncover what went wrong in a case and fight for the best possible outcome for you.

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Violent Crimes Charges

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Criminal defense attorney Justin E. Sterling and our team of expert investigators have a proven track record of success in violent crime cases. Our clients benefit from our extensive experience, deep-rooted local connections, and personalized approach to cases.

  • More than two decades of criminal trial experience
  • Successful verdicts in over 70 jury trials in courts throughout California
  • Experience handling a wide range of violent crime cases, from murder to domestic violence
  • In-house investigative team made up of former senior law enforcement professionals
  • Local knowledge and strong relationships with Los Angeles courts and law enforcement agencies
  • Intentionally limited caseload to ensure each client gets the attention they need
  • Personal representation from founder Justin E. Sterling and 24/7 access to counsel