Affiliated Professionals

The Law Offices of Justin E. Sterling provides its clients with an experience that is the best of both worlds. It is what sets us apart from other law offices. We are not a solo practitioner law office nor are we a group of associate lawyers taking on too many cases than we can handle.

A solo practitioner is responsible for the day-to-day operations of his or her business in addition to the legal aspects of each and every one of their client’s cases. While many solo practitioners are great advocates, it is simply not feasible for a solo practitioner to offer high-quality legal representation to every client while running a business.

On the other hand, large criminal law offices with multiple associate lawyers can offer an experience that is far worse. It is easy to get lost in the shuffle at an office that employs dozens of attorneys and has hundreds of clients. Even worse, these offices often delegate cases to inexperienced lawyers once the initial meeting and retainer fee has been met.

We do not operate in this fashion. Mr. Sterling personally handles every case that comes through his door. Aside from our immediate team, we work in alliance with selected professionals in order provide our clients with high-quality legal representation.

Timothy T. Williams, Jr. – Use of Force/Police Practices Expert

Mr. Williams has over 29 years of experience in the areas of police procedure, officer involved shooting cases, jail house informants, criminal investigative procedure, wrongful convictions, and domestic violence as it relates to police procedure.

As a retired Senior Detective Supervisor from the LAPD, Mr. Williams brings a unique perspective and unparalleled experience to our criminal and civil rights cases.

Recently, Mr. Williams’s testimony at trial was instrumental in securing a six figure verdict against the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department in an excessive force case.

Dewayne Beckner – Forensic Toxicologist/DUI Expert

Formerly the director of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Crime Lab Forensic Alcohol Testing Unit, Mr. Beckner has testified in thousands of DUI cases.

Our practice draws upon Mr. Beckner’s expertise in the area of forensic toxicology when preparing a DUI case for trial. Oftentimes, the use of an expert in a DUI case can position the case for a successful resolution without the need for a trial.

Jason Meyerson – Bail Bondsman

Jason heads up Bail Bond Professionals, a premier bond company. Our firm works in alliance with Jason and his team in order to meet the needs of our clients that are in custody. Jason has been providing our clients with trusted and reliable service since our inception, with an “A+” rating in service and is the fastest jail release bail agency among all bail bonds in Los Angeles.

Jason and his team provides our clients and our client’s families with ethical top-rated service designed to ensure that our clients can fight their case from out of custody. Jason’s team is centrally located with convenient access to all south-land courts and communities.

John Greene – Investigator

A successful investigation hinges on finding hidden facts or assets. Sometimes these facts are found in records not available to the public or under the FOI Act. Identifying and interviewing key sources and witnesses is also critical to mounting a successful defense in a criminal case.
Our firm utilizes seasoned investigators to assist in the defense of each and every one of our cases. This is where Mr. Greene comes in. Mr. Greene is a retired senior law enforcement officer. He has been an investigator for over 42 years.

Whether conducting an investigation related to complex litigation, due diligence, fraud, business intelligence, background checks, custody access, or other issues, our investigators draw upon a wealth of investigative experience that we believe sets us apart from other offices. We know how to prepare a case for court so that no stone is left unturned.

Christina Duran – Investigator

Chrsitina handles our cases that deal with sensitive issues such as interviewing witnesses in sex offense cases, child witnesses, and victim witnesses. Christina has over 20 years of investigative experience and has worked on numerous high-profile cases for our firm. Christina is a certified missing persons and human trafficking investigator with a specialty in complex criminal cases.

Jose Reynoso – Investigator

Joe heads up our investigations related to the Department of Corrections. Joe is a longtime corrections investigator with unmatched experience when it comes to California’s Penal Institutions. There exists a cardinal rule among jail guards and correctional officers: keep quiet in the face of officer brutality and corruption. Joe’s years of experience and wealth of knowledge navigating California’s prison system and its veil of secrecy has been instrumental in holding these institutions accountable in civil rights cases.

David Hansen – DNA Expert

Mr. Hansen is a forensic specialist and DNA forensic scientist. He specializes in the examination of physical evidence for human biological material and the isolation, extraction, quantification, amplification, and STR genetic analysis of DNA using state-of-the-art PCR-based autosomal (Identifiler) and y-chromosome (Yfiler) STR analysis via capillary electrophoresis. He has experience in the examination of evidence in both the civil and criminal justice arenas.

We consult with Mr. Hansen whenever DNA may be at issue in a case. Recently Mr. Hansen testified for us in the defense of our client charged with three attempted murders. His testimony helped secure a full-acquittal for our client.

Alan McRoberts – Forensic Expert

Mr. McRoberts is a forensic fingerprint expert. Mr. McRoberts’s thirty years of senior law enforcement experience and national reputation make him one of the premier experts when it comes to fingerprint analysis. Our firm utilizes this expertise whenever appropriate in a given case.

Dr. Kathy Pezdek – Eyewitness Identification Expert

Dr. Pezdek is a Professor and Associate Dean of the School of Behavioral and Organizational Sciences at Claremont Graduate University. Dr. Pezdek is a cognitive psychologist specializing in the study of eyewitness memory. She frequently serves as an expert witness in the area of eyewitness identification, false memory, suggestibility, lineup techniques, face memory, and deception.

We have worked with Dr. Pezdek for over a decade and routinely use her in cases where an eyewitness’s identification of our client is at issue. Her testimony at a 2015 trial helped secure a full acquittal of our client facing a 50-life sentence.