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Criminal Defense Lawyer in Pasadena

A criminal charge can turn your life upside down. A conviction could jeopardize your freedom, relationships, and future opportunities. Seeking legal advice when you’re arrested or accused of a crime is the best way to protect your rights and receive fair treatment in the California justice system. 

Working with the right lawyer could make or break your case if you have been charged with committing a crime in Sherman Oaks. Get a skilled criminal defense attorney from the Law Offices of Justin E. Sterling on your side. 

With more than 20 years of criminal defense experience, Justin E. Sterling is connected with top investigators, experts, and legal professionals who work collectively to build robust defenses for individuals accused of crimes. We will leave no stone unturned as we examine the facts of your case, develop a hard-hitting legal strategy, and pursue the best outcome possible. 

Let our law firm support you through this stressful time. Contact us today to speak with a Sherman Oaks criminal defense attorney. 

Criminal Cases Handled by Our Defense Attorneys

At the Law Offices of Justin E. Sterling, we represent people accused of a broad range of crimes in Sherman Oaks, including: 

In many cases, Justin E. Sterling can reach plea bargains with local prosecutors to prevent clients from receiving the harshest possible punishments. Individuals who try to represent themselves without a Sherman Oaks criminal defense lawyer may receive the maximum penalties because of their unfamiliarity with state laws and court procedures. 

The Advantages of Hiring an Experienced Sherman Oaks Criminal Defense Lawyer

Experience matters in a criminal case. You want a lawyer with a successful track record and a reputation for excellence — and that’s what you’ll find at the Law Offices of Justin E. Sterling. 

Among our achievements and credentials: 

  • Justin E. Sterling previously worked for the Los Angeles Public Defender’s Office, handling some of the area’s most challenging criminal cases.
  • We have tried over 70 cases to verdict.
  • We keep our caseloads small, so each client gets personalized attention and a carefully crafted defense.
  • Mr. Sterling has strong professional relationships with district attorneys and judges in Sherman Oaks. He advocates fiercely for a fair resolution for his clients with unmatched finesse. 

Our law firm also has an in-house team of private investigators who work diligently to review your case, recover evidence, and put their findings to work for you. 

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Don’t leave your future up to chance. Learn more about how the Law Offices of Justice E. Sterling can help by consulting with a criminal lawyer in Sherman Oaks immediately. When you work with us, you can rest assured your defense will be our top priority. Call or contact us today for a free consultation.