Few crimes carry the same consequences and stigma as homicide. A conviction brings severe criminal penalties, including lengthy prison sentences, crushing fines, and loss of civil liberties. Considering the stakes and the consequences for you and your family, it’s hard not to be overwhelmed. However, an experienced Los Angeles homicide defense lawyer from the Law Offices of Justin E. Sterling can help.

There are many possible defenses in a homicide case. No matter how tough the police and prosecutors act, our team will uncover all the weaknesses in their case and fight for the best possible outcome for you. Contact us today for a free and confidential case review with a seasoned Los Angeles homicide defense attorney.

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Why Choose the Law Offices of Justin E. Sterling?

Our firm has the extensive experience and resources needed to take on the toughest homicide cases.

We provide:

  • More than two decades of criminal defense experience, with over 70 criminal trials brought to verdict
  • An in-house team of private investigators who have impressive law enforcement backgrounds
  • Close working relationships with prosecutors and in courts throughout the Southland criminal justice system
  • Extensive experience in both state and federal court
  • An intentionally limited caseload that allows for putting the necessary time and attention into every case

After an arrest, it is crucial to have a trusted homicide defense attorney on your side right from the start. Contact our criminal defense law firm today to discuss the details of your case for free.