Criminal Defense Lawyer Whittier, CA

Criminal Defense Lawyer Whittier

Are you facing criminal charges in Whittier? An experienced criminal defense attorney can work to protect you from the harshest penalties. If you need legal assistance, the award-winning Law Offices of Justin E. Sterling has a proven record of results for clients facing criminal charges in Southern California. 

Navigating the criminal justice system without legal representation is risky. An experienced attorney can verify that your rights were upheld from the moment of your arrest and that you receive fair treatment in court. Contact the Law Offices of Justin E. Sterling today for a free consultation. 

Understanding Your Rights and the Criminal Defense Process

You have rights protected by the United States and California Constitutions. A Whittier criminal defense attorney helps ensure you receive full legal protection of your rights throughout the criminal defense process in California. This process includes: 

  • Arrest – The Fourth Amendment protects you from unreasonable search and seizure. With few exceptions, law enforcement must have a warrant to search your property. They must read your Miranda rights to you, including the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. 
  • Booking – You should not answer questions from the police throughout the booking process, including fingerprinting and mug shots, until you have an attorney. 
  • Arraignment – When you enter a plea, an attorney can represent you before the court. They can also request bail and connect you with a reliable bail bonds agency. 
  • Pretrial proceedings – In this part of the process, both sides exchange information, gather evidence, file motions, and possibly negotiate a plea deal for reduced charges or penalties. 
  • Trial – If your attorney cannot reach a satisfactory plea deal, the case goes to trial. The prosecution and defense lawyers present evidence and cross-examine the other side’s witnesses before the judge or jury. 
  • Verdict – The jury or judge delivers a guilty or not guilty verdict. If the verdict is guilty, the court sets a date for sentencing. 
  • Sentencing – The judge determines the punishment, which could include imprisonment, fines, victim restitution, probation, or a combination of them. 

At every stage in the criminal process, there are points where small errors or inconsistencies can dramatically affect the outcome of your case. A Whittier criminal defense lawyer can work to minimize potential mistakes that could harm your chances of the best possible result. 

Why Choose Justin E. Sterling for Your Defense?

Firm founder Justin E. Sterling has over 20 years of experience of criminal defense experience in the California court system. As a former Los Angeles County Public Defender’s Office trial attorney, he has professional connections with court personnel, law enforcement agencies, and prosecutors to help improve your access to justice. These longstanding relationships and experience in court benefit his clients as a skilled trial lawyer and talented negotiator. Our firm has an impressive record of results, with more than 70 jury trials brought to verdict. 

So, what sets us apart from every other criminal defense attorney in Whittier? Justin E. Sterling designed his firm to provide premier legal services with a personal touch. We have the resources to handle complex criminal cases but maintain a small caseload to ensure every client gets the attention they deserve. 

Types of Criminal Cases We Handle

We help clients charged with felony and misdemeanor offenses in Whittier and throughout the Los Angeles metro area, including:

  • Arson
  • Assault and battery 
  • Child abuse
  • Domestic violence 
  • DUI 
  • Drug charges
  • Sex crimes 
  • Weapons charges
  • White-collar crimes
  • Burglary, theft, and robbery
  • Homicide and other violent crimes

Contact a Whitter Criminal Defense Attorney Today

If you’re facing a criminal defense charge in Whittier, you deserve a tough lawyer to push for results that make a difference in your life. Having the right attorney in your corner can improve your chance of dismissal, reduced charges, or lesser penalties. Contact the Law Offices of Justin E. Sterling for a free consultation. The sooner you call, the faster we can be by your side.