Criminal Defense Attorney in Pomona, CA

Criminal Defense Attorney in Pomona, CA

The aftermath of an arrest can be frightening, especially if there’s no one to guide you through the legal system. No matter what type of charges you face, you should always discuss your case with a criminal defense attorney. A knowledgeable defense lawyer can explain your rights, describe what to expect, and develop an intelligent legal strategy to pursue the best possible results.

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What to Expect After Being Charged With a Crime in Pomona, CA

Navigating the California criminal justice system is no easy task. The criminal process includes several stages, starting with the arrest. During this phase, the prosecutor decides whether to file charges and whether you can post bail or go to jail. 

Next is the arraignment, where you will be formally charged, informed of your rights, and allowed to enter a plea. Depending on the severity of the charges, you might also need to attend detention or bail hearings. 

The next step is usually the pre-trial hearing, where the prosecution presents evidence against you, and your criminal defense attorney can challenge it. Your lawyer could also work with the prosecutor and judge to resolve the case without going to trial. 

If the case goes to trial, a judge or jury hands down a verdict after weighing the evidence presented by the prosecution and your criminal defense attorney. The prosecution must convince the jury of your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt — a difficult standard to meet. Everyone in the United States is innocent until proven guilty. 

The final phase is the appeals process. You have the right to appeal if you lose your case. A Pomona criminal defense attorney can advise on whether an appeal is a good step for you. 

Tips to Protect Yourself After an Arrest

Protect your rights by keeping these tips in mind if you get arrested on suspicion of a crime in Pomona: 

  • Exercise your right to remain silent and avoid making any statements without a lawyer present.
  • Ask for a criminal defense attorney, and do not answer any questions until one is in the room with you.
  • Refuse any searches of your person or property if the police do not present a valid warrant.
  • Keep track of any interactions you have with police and write down the details.
  • Follow instructions from law enforcement calmly to avoid further legal issues.
  • Do not resist arrest, so you don’t face additional charges that complicate your case.
  • Be polite to law enforcement and avoid any actions that could be perceived as aggressive.

Understanding the Importance of Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

You are not required to hire a criminal defense attorney. You can represent yourself in court. But be aware that California courts have specific procedural requirements that can be difficult for a self-represented defendant to understand. Hiring a criminal defense attorney prevents you from making fatal errors or failing to identify the best defense in your case. There’s no substitute for experience, and an experienced lawyer with local connections in Pomona can work to secure a plea deal on your behalf. Without a lawyer, you will be at a significant disadvantage and could face harsh legal and financial consequences.

Facing Charges? Consult a Top Criminal Defense Attorney in Pomona

Getting arrested can be scary, but you don’t have to face the criminal justice system alone. Contact the Law Offices of Justin E. Sterling immediately for a free case review. Our dedicated team is here to provide the peace of mind and top legal representation you deserve.