Criminal Defense Lawyer Northridge

Northridge Criminal Defense Lawyer

There’s a lot on the line when you are up against criminal charges in Northridge — not just your freedom but also your personal and professional reputation. Now is not the time to handle the legal process alone. You need an advocate to protect your rights and mount a compelling and strategic criminal defense for you. 

At the Law Offices of Justin E. Sterling, our legal team is committed to protecting our clients’ rights and pursuing justice. We understand the complexities of the California criminal justice system and the best ways to get favorable results for our clients. We keep our caseloads low so we can devote our full attention to every case. Contact us today for a free case review with a criminal defense lawyer in Northridge, CA.  

Types of Criminal Cases We Handle in Northridge 

At the Law Offices of Justin E. Sterling, our legal team will draw on a wealth of legal knowledge and resources to strategically fight the charges against you. We handle minor criminal infractions up to the most severe criminal cases, such as:

  • Violent Crimes: Our experienced attorneys provide aggressive defense for all types of violent crime charges, ensuring your rights are protected throughout the legal process.
  • Homicide: We offer comprehensive legal representation for those facing homicide charges, working diligently to uncover critical evidence that could lead to a favorable outcome.
  • Sex Crimes: Our firm defends clients accused of sex crimes, focusing on protecting your reputation and ensuring a fair trial.
  • Weapons Charges: We navigate the intricacies of firearm laws to build a strong defense against weapons charges, aiming to minimize penalties.
  • Drug Charges: From possession to distribution, we handle a wide array of drug-related offenses, striving to achieve the best result for your case.
  • Domestic Violence: We provide dedicated legal support for individuals charged with domestic violence, working to challenge the prosecution’s evidence and protect your family relationships.
  • DUI: Our attorneys are skilled in defending DUI charges, focusing on reducing penalties and preserving your driving privileges.
  • Assault and Battery: We utilize a thorough understanding of self-defense laws to defend clients charged with assault and battery, aiming for dismissals or reduced charges.
  • Robbery, Theft, and Burglary: Our team handles various theft-related offenses, from petty theft to grand larceny, concentrating on achieving the most favorable outcomes.
  • White-Collar Crimes: Specializing in financial crime defense, we represent clients accused of embezzlement, fraud, and other white-collar offenses, working to safeguard your career and reputation.

Hiring an attorney with a history of handling criminal cases in Northridge is crucial. At the Law Offices of Justin E. Sterling, we have built solid working relationships with local prosecutors and law enforcement agencies, giving us an edge to mount the strongest defenses for our clients. 

Consequences of a Criminal Conviction in Northridge, CA

The consequences of a criminal conviction in Northridge go beyond fines and jail time. Some crimes may land you behind bars for the rest of your life. Other convictions can make you feel ostracized long after you’ve completed your sentence and paid your debt to society. A criminal conviction doesn’t just take away your freedom. It can damage your life in unexpected ways.

A Northridge criminal conviction can lead to issues finding employment and securing housing, putting you in a financially vulnerable position. It may also be challenging to pursue educational opportunities. A criminal conviction can also harm your personal and professional reputation and damage relationships with your friends and family. With so much at stake, you can’t afford to gamble on representing yourself in a Northridge criminal case. 

Criminal Defense Lawyer Northridge

Advantages of Hiring an Experienced Northridge Criminal Defense Lawyer

Hiring the right criminal defense lawyer in Northridge immediately puts an ally in your corner to advocate for you and protect your legal rights. After reviewing the facts in your case, your lawyer can immediately begin building an effective defense plan designed to pursue the best possible outcome based on the circumstances of your case. Hiring an attorney also means you never have to worry about court procedures or interpreting the complex language of California legal codes and statutes. 

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