Parole Violation Attorney in Encino

Parole Violation Attorney in Encino

If you have been incarcerated, parole allows you to reintegrate into society under strict conditions. However, the terms of parole can be challenging to comply with. Simple missteps like missing a parole officer meeting can lead to accusations of parole violation. The consequences of such violations can be severe and include potential reincarceration.

Understanding Parole in California

Parole is a supervised period of freedom that involves releasing people from prison before completing their full sentences. It aims to return them to the community while ensuring public safety. Parolees must adhere to specific conditions set by the parole board. These conditions vary depending on the original offense and individual circumstances.

Typical conditions of parole include reporting regularly to a parole officer, finding and maintaining employment, residing at an approved location, and avoiding criminal activities. Sometimes, parolees must also abstain from alcohol and drug use, comply with curfews, or stay away from certain people or places related to their crimes.

Common reasons for parole violations include parolees having trouble reporting to their parole officers, being arrested for new crimes, or failing to abide by curfews. Such violations can lead to serious consequences, including a return to prison. Parole boards assess each violation to determine the appropriate response, considering the severity and context of the breach.

Consequences of a Parole Violation

In California, violating parole terms can lead to various penalties. The severity of these penalties often depends on the nature of the violation and the individual’s history. Potential penalties for parole violations in California include:

  • Warning and increased supervision
  • Mandatory counseling or rehabilitation programs
  • Electronic monitoring or house arrest
  • Revocation of parole and return to prison
  • Extension of the parole period
  • Additional conditions added to the parole terms
  • Fines or restitution payments
  • Community service requirements

Do I Need a Parole Violation Attorney?

Being charged with a parole violation in California is a serious matter. Having the right legal representation is essential. A skilled parole violation lawyer in Encino not only understands the complexities of the law but also how to effectively defend your case by:

  • Evaluating the accusation – Your lawyer will carefully examine the details of the alleged violation to assess its validity and severity.
  • Developing a defense strategy – Based on the evaluation, your attorney will devise a strategy to defend you, which might include challenging evidence or citing mitigating circumstances.
  • Representation at hearings – At parole violation hearings, your lawyer will advocate on your behalf and present your case to the parole board.
  • Negotiating with parole officers– Attorneys can often negotiate with parole officers to reach agreements that involve less severe consequences.
  • Preparing and submitting documentation – Your lawyer can prepare and submit any necessary legal documents, ensuring they meet all legal standards and deadlines.
  • Supporting compliance with new terms – If the parole board sets new terms for your parole, your attorney can help you understand and comply with these terms to avoid future violations.
  • Appealing decisions – In case of unfavorable outcomes, an Encino parole violation attorney can search for grounds for appeals and represent you in higher courts.

How the Law Offices of Justin E. Sterling Can Help

If you have been accused of a parole violation in California, don’t wait to get legal help. The right support can make a significant difference in your case. Contact the Law Offices of Justin E. Sterling for a free consultation. We’re ready to stand by your side.