When you’re accused of killing someone, you may feel backed into a corner. Police and prosecutors may treat you like you’re guilty when, in reality, you should be presumed innocent. There are many potential defenses to murder charges. With a trusted Encino homicide lawyer on your side, you can fight for the best possible outcome in your case.

At the Law Offices of Justin E. Sterling, we have been providing aggressive criminal defense representation to Encino residents for more than two decades. We have extensive experience handling complex cases in both state and federal court. Our firm has the resources to investigate your case, craft a strong defense, and fight for you all the way to verdict if necessary.

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Why Choose the Law Offices of Justin E. Sterling?

Our respected Encino defense law firm is poised to take action immediately on complex criminal cases.

We provide:

  • Over two decades of criminal trial experience, with more than 70 cases tried to verdict
  • An in-house team of private investigators who are former senior law enforcement professionals
  • Longstanding working relationships with prosecutors, district attorneys, and law enforcement agencies throughout the Los Angeles area
  • An intentionally limited caseload to allow for personalized representation on complex homicide cases

There are many moves our defense team can make immediately after an arrest to begin crafting a case for you. Contact us immediately to learn how we can help.