West LA Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Defense Lawyer in West LA

The U.S. Constitution guarantees you the right to a criminal defense attorney, and you should always exercise it if you are suspected of or charged with a crime in California. A strong lawyer can make a crucial difference in the outcome of your case. Without legal representation, you could face severe penalties that change your life forever. 

If you’ve been arrested or criminally charged in Los Angeles, the Law Offices of Justin E. Sterling can assess your case and explain your legal rights in a free consultation. Contact us to speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer in West LA. 

Understanding Your Legal Rights and Options

You have several critical rights to assert following an arrest. First, you have the right to remain silent, which means you do not have to talk to the police or answer their questions. Second, you have the right to legal counsel, including before police questioning and during any interactions with the police. Obtaining a criminal defense lawyer immediately after an arrest is the best way to protect your rights and ensure fair treatment in court. 

Types of Criminal Cases We Handle

An experienced criminal defense attorney from the Law Offices of Justin E. Sterling can help you face charges ranging from simple misdemeanors to complex felony offenses, including:

  • Robbery
  • Burglary
  • Domestic violence
  • Drug offenses
  • Fraud crimes
  • Homicide
  • Sex crimes
  • Theft offenses
  • Three-strikes cases
  • Traffic offenses
  • Vandalism
  • Violent crimes
  • Assault and battery
  • Weapons offenses
  • White collar crimes
  • DUI

The Trial Process in West LA

The criminal process in West LA begins with arrest. An attorney can help protect your rights from the start by advising you on whether to speak to the police and ensuring that law enforcement observes your constitutional rights.

Following an arrest, you will have an arraignment or preliminary hearing where you must enter a plea. Your attorney can represent you during preliminary hearings, filing motions as appropriate to challenge the admission of evidence or to dismiss or reduce your charges for lack of evidence. If your case goes to trial, an attorney can present a vigorous defense to identify any reasonable doubt in the state’s case.

Why Choose the Law Offices of Justin E. Sterling?

When you need a strong advocate to help you face criminal charges in West LA, you want Justin E. Sterling. He has over two decades of experience in criminal law at the trial and appellate levels. In that time, he has tried more than 70 cases to verdict in state and federal courts across Southern California. His connections with local law enforcement departments and court staff allow him to pursue fair and timely resolutions to his clients’ charges.

Prosecutors know they must take the case seriously when they see our firm is representing a defendant. Backed by a team of in-house investigators with law enforcement backgrounds, Justin E. Sterling thoroughly prepares each case and works directly with his clients from start to finish. This meticulous attention to detail and rock-solid commitment to client satisfaction is the foundation of our success.

Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer in West LA?

You deserve top legal representation to help you protect your rights and future if you’re facing criminal charges in Southern California. Contact the Law Offices of Justin E. Sterling today for a free consultation with a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney in West LA.