Criminal Defense Attorney in El Segundo

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Are you facing criminal charges in El Segundo, California? If so, you need an experienced defense attorney to fight for the fair outcome you deserve. Hiring the right lawyer can positively impact the outcome of your case and protect your future for years to come.

The Law Offices of Justin E. Sterling is a hard-hitting criminal defense law firm serving El Segundo and the surrounding Southern California communities. We can provide a robust defense no matter what crime you have been arrested for. Contact us today for a free consultation with a respected criminal defense attorney in El Segundo.

Justin E. Sterling’s Experience and Approach

 Why should you choose The Law Office of Justin E. Sterling? Because our law firm:

  • Has over 20 years of experience handling criminal defense legal cases 
  • Represents clients in a wide array of criminal cases ranging from misdemeanor offenses to complex felony charges 
  • Offers in-depth experience in both state and federal courts
  • Employs a team of in-house investigators that includes former law enforcement professionals
  • Has strong connections with Southland courts and law enforcement agencies

Most importantly, we offer a personalized approach. We’ll tailor our defense strategy to the specifics of your case and your individual needs.

Navigating the Legal System in El Segundo

El Segundo Criminal Defense AttorneyHiring a lawyer familiar with local courts and judges can significantly affect your case’s outcome. A local criminal defense lawyer in El Segundo can:

  • Leverage their longstanding working relationships with judges and prosecutors during plea negotiations
  • Decide on the best defense strategy based on the judge hearing your case
  • Explain how your behavior during hearings and other stages of the criminal process can impact the outcome of your case

When facing a criminal defense charge in El Segundo, not just any lawyer will do. It helps to have representation from an attorney who knows and is respected within the community.

The Trial Process

The trial process in El Segundo typically involves the following steps:

  • Arrest  After the police arrest you and take you to jail or detention, you have the right to a criminal defense lawyer. Ask for one before answering questions in an interrogation. At this time, a prosecuting attorney will decide whether to file charges. If they decline, the police will release you. 
  • El Segundo Criminal Defense LawyerArraignment  During the arraignment,  a judge explains the charges against you and your rights. You may respond to the charges during the arraignment. 
  • Pretrial  Before the trial, your attorney and the prosecution will share evidence during the discovery phase. Either side may file pretrial motions during this time. For example, a criminal defense lawyer in El Segundo may move to suppress evidence if it wasn’t properly acquired. Your lawyer might also seek a plea deal so you can avoid trial.
  • Trial  If you can’t reach a satisfactory plea deal, you have a right to a trial. A judge and/or jury will hear the arguments and enter a verdict.
  • Sentencing  If the court finds you guilty, the judge will determine proper sentencing.

Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney in El Segundo

Confidently navigating California’s legal system is easier with an attorney by your side. An experienced El Segundo criminal defense lawyer with the Law Offices of Justin E. Sterling can protect your rights every step of the way. Call or contact us online today for a free case review.